Everything you loved about the Scorebot 4000

Everything you loved about the Scorebot 4000


Brand New Features

The ScoreHub is the next generation of the Scorebot 4000. It has all of the features of the 4000 built-in, plus new cutting-edge components. Here’s just a sample of the new features of the ScoreHub. Additional features will be added soon.

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For Immediate Release
March 26, 2019

SPORTZCAST Releases Next-Generation Scorebot named ScoreHub

WINTER SPRINGS, FL – Sportzcast has released the ScoreHub, the next generation of Scorebot to succeed the highly acclaimed Scorebot 4000 for universal real-time scoreboard data distribution.

Containing all the features of the Scorebot 4000, the ScoreHub adds new unprecedented components, including a touchscreen LED control panel, multiple wireless connectivity options and native NDI® implementation.

Utilizing a touchscreen front panel LED display, users will be able to control all aspects of the ScoreHub directly in a matter of seconds (or optionally remotely via an internet connection). The ScoreHub can auto-detect certain scoreboard types, or users can also simply select any scoreboard make and model from a simple dropdown menu. Scoreboard data can then be previewed immediately in real-time on the device.

Wireless connectivity is built into every ScoreHub, allowing users the ability to connect directly to WiFi networks. Additionally, real-time data from certain wireless scoreboard types can be received natively into the ScoreHub, allowing users to bypass the traditional hardwired connection and place their ScoreHub anywhere within the venue.

In conjunction with Sportzcast’s “Control Room” service, ScoreHub users can utilize NDI® to send complete & automated broadcast graphics direct from the device.

“We are proud to announce the launch of the ScoreHub” said Sportzcast President & Founder Mike Connell. “The ScoreHub is a natural progression of Sportzcast technology that will continue to provide our clients and partners all of the Scorebot 4000 features they love, but also new and extremely helpful tools such as native NDI® support and wireless communication.”

Delivery of ScoreHub units will coincide with the NAB Show 2019 – April 8-11 in Las Vegas, NV. Attendees at NAB Show 2019 can view ScoreHubs on display in the Sportzcast booth (SL5616) in the Newtek NDI Central Pavilion, JVC Professional Video booth (C4415) and several other Sportzcast partner booths throughout the show floor. The full list and more information can be found at www.sportzcast.net.


Scorebots are devices designed & created by Sportzcast that can connect to over 100 different scoreboard protocols, making them virtually universal. A Scorebot receives real-time game data directly from the venue scoreboard controller via a hardwired output connection or wirelessly depending on scoreboard type. The data can be used in a large catalog of partners software to be displayed in real-time in broadcast graphic formats. Data can also be consumed by replay systems, coaches’ tools, web applications and Sportzcast’s own CG software “LiveSportzCG”.

Sportzcast provides completely real-time automated tools to sports venues and producers to enable high quality media production. Sportzcast gives customers the power to grow their audiences, brands and businesses, faster than ever before, and in virtually any venue. Learn more at www.sportzcast.net.